“Change is the only constant in life. One’s ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success in life.” — Benjamin Franklin

Martin Johnson of African-American Minority-Owned financial services Johnson's Global AdvisorsMeet Our Team

Mr. Johnson, President/CEO and Portfolio Manager of Johnson’s Global Advisors has been a generalist equity and fixed income institutional sales/trader covering tier 1 and 2 clients such as pension funds, foundations, investment managers, corporate, city, county, and state treasurers domestically and globally. He is a member of the National Association of Securities Professionals and formally a Finance & Investment Committee Member of CCAF, Community College of Aurora Colorado Foundation. He has been a general securities licensed series 7 registered representative, and a uniform securities agent blue sky state law license series 63 registered representative. He is currently a Series 65 Registered Investment Advisor.

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FOOTNOTE: Mr. Johnson’s FINRA Broker Check, previous (Independent Contractor) broker-dealer firm history: CRD# 1858485

Mr. Johnson has been a securities professional for over 32 years. He has principally and consistently throughout his tenure, within the securities industry worked for one firm, his own firm Johnson’s Financial Group, which currently exists and has filed application for its own broker-dealer firm. Registered representatives are not allowed to add comments to FINRA’s broker-check background platform. Through Johnson’s Global Advisors website/platform we are clarifying any possible concerns regarding past firm registration history via FINRA/Financial Industry Regulatory Authority suggestion. Comments within FINRA’s Broker Check is only allowed if the representative has committed a rule violation thus triggering a disclosure, which allows the representative to explain their violation, of which Mr. Johnson does not have.

Mr. Johnson has been registered with a myriad of broker-dealers, as to the true meaning of the term, (Independent Contractor/Licensee, with every previously registered firm. He has not been on a salary nor been an employee whatsoever of any previously registered broker-dealers. He has always throughout his career been able to come and go at his will. And to conduct his business relative to his business plan, as long as he does not violate any FINRA and SEC rules.

Mr. Johnson voluntarily separated from all previously (Independent Contractor) registered firms, in good standings/terms while not burning any bridges. Each broker-dealer relationship was used to facilitate, clearing, trading, and custody of J.F.G clients. FINRA Broker Check does not explain previous registrations. The lion shares of Mr. Johnson’s registrations were re-registrations with the same firms. For instance, one of the firms of which he was registered five times is T.D.I. Inc.

Which was previously the Trading Desk after restructuring the firm; all brokers had to re-register which counted as a new registration. T.D.I./The Trading Desk was simply a go-to firm to hold his license between firm registrations, owned by a personal friend. Every single registration counts as a new registration regardless of the reason. There were multiple registrations with Harveston’s Securities a personal friend, International Financial Solutions, SBK Brooks as well as Sauceda and Granville, of which he re-registered while with the firm due to an administrative oversight by the firm.

There has not been a single initiated termination by any previously registered broker-dealer for any reason. Mr. Johnson is without any disclosures, failed transactions, customer complaints, broker-dealer complaints, or disciplinary events. The previous (Independent Contractor) registrations, which were later discovered after being registered with previously registered firms, were not all a good fit for J.F.G’s institutional client base or for Mr. Johnson, as well as for other warranted reasons such as independent contractor commission payout disagreement.

Mr. Johnson throughout his career has firmly upheld the highest standard of commercial honor, along with just and honorable principal of trade.

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