“Change is the only constant in life. One’s ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success in life.” — Benjamin Franklin

A dedicated Global Advisor

Your advisor will get to know you and what’s important to you. Together, you’ll partner on a customized plan designed to help grow and protect your wealth.

Comprehensive planning

We can help you build a personalized plan around your full financial picture, covering topics like retirement, taxes, health care, and estate planning.

Personalized investment management

We can manage your portfolio to help grow and protect your wealth. This includes factoring in your preferences and feelings toward risk, with ongoing monitoring and rebalancing.

Our Services

Johnson’s Global Advisors covers all levels of Institutional, as well as individual clients strategies, including:

  • Global Equity and Fixed Income- ETFs

  • Alternative Investing

  • Private Equity

  • Corporate Bonds

  • Treasury Bonds, Notes, Bills

  • TIPS-Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities

  • Municipal Bonds

  • Government Agency Securities

  • Plan Sponsor Record-Keeping

  • Fee-Based Variable Annuities

  • Roth IRA, Traditional IRAs, SEP IRAs

  • Corporate and Individual 401K Retirement Plan Implementation analysis

  • Foundation Creation and Implementation

Wealth Management Strategies

The key to successful investing is choosing unique strategies that fit your needs. We help you meet your goals by combining experience and technology to identify the strategy that best suits you. We work closely with you to help build and manage your assets, while managing investment risk and tax liabilities. Our disciplined approach to wealth management begins with assessing your investment objectives, risk tolerance, liquidity needs and other factors. Then, in collaboration with you, we create a customized asset allocation strategy that includes a broad array of asset classes and investment categories.

Start Investing

Charles Schwab, Vanguard, and Ascensus are the principal custodians for Johnson’s Global Advisors clients. We send you all the paperwork needed to open accounts and transfer assets to our custodians. J.G.A. acts as fiduciary to your account which means that we must legally put the interest of our clients first, and not principally the interest of the person giving the advice/advisors. All stocks, bonds, and cash will transfer directly into your custodian account. Old securities will be liquidated by our portfolio management team as we restructure your account to the new strategy.

Many clients have securities in taxable accounts that are at a low cost basis. Selling those securities may create a realized capital gain and possibly a taxable event. We understand this issue and our clients’ concern about taxes. Unfortunately, due to legal concerns, a portfolio cannot include securities that are not part of our investment strategy. Any security that an investor places in a managed account will be liquidated and the proceeds will be reinvested in securities that are part of the strategy. If for any reason you do not want specific securities sold, we will arrange for those securities to be moved to a non-managed account opened in the same name as the managed account.

An investor with non-managed assets may want to consider the value of those assets when selecting their asset account in the managed account. For example, an investor with a large non-managed equity position may want to balance that risk with a less aggressive managed strategy. Cash Policy New cash and securities transferred into an existing managed account will be automatically invested in the asset class where needed. If, for a special reason, a client does not want the cash invested or securities liquidated, contact Johnson’s Global Advisors or our custodians at least one working day prior to the anticipation of a cash deposit or securities transfer.

Clients may withdraw money from accounts in two ways: automatic cash transfers and on-demand cash transfers. Both transfers can be set up to move money from one custodian account to another or directly to a bank checking account. There is a one-time setup for regularly scheduled transfers. On-demand transfers require five business days’ notice to custodians, traditional paper checks sent in the mail are also an option.

Money Transfer is the preferred method for moving money from your custodian account to your bank checking account. It is a free service that only needs to be set up once. Clients may have automatic monthly or quarterly distributions sent to them. Or when special funds are needed, contact J.G.A. or our custodians, and those funds will be sent directly to your bank checking account in a lump sum. There is a few days’ delay in transferring on-demand money because we may have to raise the cash in the account. The process occurs approximately five business days after we are notified.

Frequently Asked Questions

J.G.A. is an African-American Minority-Owned financial services investment management firm where we manage investment portfolios on a discretionary basis. First, we analyze your goals, objectives and risk tolerance. Then we design a portfolio of highly diversified Index/ETF Exchanged Traded Fund, investments to meet your specific needs. We implement the portfolio and monitor it constantly to ensure it remains optimal, and in-line with your investment objectives.

Portfolio Manager Martin V. Johnson Jr. Registered Investment Advisor oversees the investment strategy for J.G.A.

First we execute a management agreement and then we assist you with setting up an account at Vanguard or Charles Schwab who acts as the custodians for your assets. The account will remain in your name, and will be SIPC Insured. J.G.A. does not take possession of your securities or handle any cash. We simply have authority to purchase and sell securities, and deduct management fees from the account. There is no lock-up or minimum holding period and you can cancel our agreement, and withdraw your funds at any time (Per J.G.A. Management Agreement).

You will have online access to your custodian account to monitor your portfolio, and custodian will send you individual trade confirmations, monthly account statements, and tax reporting. J.G. A. will review your account with you periodically and send you performance reports.

J.G.A. is suitable for most investors; however it is not for everyone. J.G.A. will consult with you to help determine if our investment counsel is right for you. There is no minimum account size other than with Charles Schwab Institutional Intelligent Portfolio which has a minimum of $5,000.

Our fee is calculated as a percentage of the total market value of the assets under our management, management fees are billed to accounts monthly. Our fee schedule follows a declining percentage scale the more assets you have invested with us, the lower your fee percentage can be. For taxable accounts, our fees are fully tax-deductible. Clients receive tax reporting each year.

Investing involves risk, including loss of principal. In addition to the normal risks associated with investing, international investments may involve risk of capital loss from unfavorable fluctuation in currency values, from differences in generally accepted accounting principles or from economic or political instability in other nations. Emerging markets involve heightened risks related to the same factors as well as increased volatility and lower trading volume. Investments in smaller companies typically exhibit higher volatility.