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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Johnson's Global Advisors? What does it do for me?
A: J.G.A. is an investment management firm where we manage investment portfolios on a discretionary basis. First, we analyze your goals, objectives and risk tolerance. Then we design a portfolio of highly diversified Index/ETF Exchanged Traded Fund, investments to meet your specific needs. We implement the portfolio and monitor it constantly to ensure it remains optimal, and in-line with your investment objectives.

Q: Who makes the investment decisions for the program?
A: Portfolio Manager Martin V. Johnson Jr. Registered Investment Advisor oversees the investment strategy for J.G.A.

Q: What exactly happens with my money?
A: First we execute a management agreement and then we assist you with setting up an account at Vanguard or Charles Schwab who acts as the custodians for your assets. The account will remain in your name, and will be SIPC Insured. J.G.A. does not take possession of your securities or handle any cash. We simply have authority to purchase and sell securities, and deduct management fees from the account. There is no lock-up or minimum holding period and you can cancel our agreement, and withdraw your funds at any time (Per J.G.A. Management Agreement).

Q: How do I know what is happening with my account? How will I track my progress?
A: You will have online access to your custodian account to monitor your portfolio, and custodian will send you individual trade confirmations, monthly account statements, and tax reporting. J.G. A. will review your account with you periodically and send you performance reports.

Q: What are the qualifications to invest with JGA? Is there a minimum account size?
A: J.G.A. is suitable for most investors; however it is not for everyone. J.G.A. will consult with you to help determine if our investment counsel is right for you. There is no minimum account size other than with Charles Schwab Institutional Intelligent Portfolio which has a minimum of $5,000.

Q: What fees are charged by JGA?
A: Our fee is calculated as a percentage of the total market value of the assets under our management, management fees are billed to accounts monthly. Our fee schedule follows a declining percentage scale the more assets you have invested with us, the lower your fee percentage can be. For taxable accounts, our fees are fully tax-deductible. Clients receive tax reporting each year.

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