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Our Perspective

Proactive prospective is a comprehensive approach to investing in the global index/etf market space that provides our clients the best possible return relative to the degree of risk and reward. We believe that our clients will derive many benefits from our approach, In essence, they fall into two categories:

  • Comfort. Because we want our clients to have confidence that we are meeting their needs, our approach begins with understanding them and the demands of their organizations. The extraordinary durability of our client relationships bears witness to our ability to meet their requirements. The strength of our exhaustive research process allows us to construct portfolios that serve the unique needs of each client.

  • Results
    Our portfolio construction methodology strives to reduce the likelihood of the portfolio under performing the benchmark. Our disciplined decision making process fosters a clearly defined investment approach lowering transaction cost and endeavors to maximize investment returns. Our model portfolios include aggressive, moderate and conservative strategies.

    JFG operates in the institutional and retail market space for Global fixed income and equity investment management services and is committed to being a value-added partner with our clients. Our commitment as a partner raises our level of communication, responsiveness and awareness to a higher standard of care.
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